About us

Welcome to the
best Diving Club on Hawaii!


Our Diving School’s Origins

Founded on the beaches of the Oahu island, Hawaii, back in 1982, this diving club has always been full of happy people since!

With years upon years of experience, our awesome team of instructors had taught by now tens of thousands of tourists in the ways of the diving.

True Range of Services

On top of all that, when we say that we know what we do – we can prove it.

Just take a look at the variety of our diving services!

Why Is Diving So Popular?

Since the times diving was just a job for native islanders, the idea of enjoying the underwater scenery has always been popular.

These days, with so much more technically-sound equipment and safety measures in place, scuba diving & snorkeling became highly accessible!

Explaining the Varieties of Diving

Since there are many types of underwater recreation, we have them all on the offer!

Why People Choose Us

Boats &


Years of


Our Testimonials

Always have something nice to say about us
Jane K.

posted on TripAdvisor

We had such a wonderful time, will make this a new family tradition! Its really cool for us…

Elias L.

posted on Yelp

It was great, our instructor was wonderful and you gave us a lot of impressions… It made our weekend more exciting.

Sarah C.

posted on Forsquare

All the best fun times in my life are either about scuba diving or snorkeling!